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Create your own custom vinyl record

The music sounds different when you listen on a vinyl, that is known even to the one who has a wooden ear. It’s a mix of everything , the hisssssss and pops that come out of the speakers help make the experience of listening to music from a turntable unique.

The only bad thing is that not many bands or soloists are betting on the acetate disc. Unfortunately, the costs of an industrial production are very high, much more than taking a CD or selling or downloading the songs in digital format.

However, a Dutch company has just worked the miracle. Thanks to  my tcc  you can now create a 10-inch vinyl record with a selection of your favorite songs to enjoy at home.

The service works like this:


When delivering the material, you must arm yourself with patience. Technicians pass the songs through a rack that will transform the analog sound digital sound. Once the vinyl is printed, the cut is done by hand with machines dating back to the 80’s. All the work takes between three and four weeks. After that, they will send it to you by mail.

According to the service, on a 10-inch disc (ideal for mailing) you can put about 20 minutes of music (10 per side of the vinyl).

The best thing is that if you have a band and you have the dream of seeing your work embodied in acetate, now you can fulfill your wishes for only € 50 (without shipping costs)

A single detail … For now they only ship to Europe, the United States and Canada.


Can dogs dance with Music?

We have already spoken on other occasions about the music that dogs value, and what they feel when they hear it or what it is capable of transmitting. But will these emotions come to the point of making them move the skeleton? Do animals sense the rhythm to dance?

Effect of music on dogs

Dogs never die

Music can make our dog relax , do not overslept when he is alone at home and until he sleeps. It can calm your anxiety and boost your mood. But the truth is that, by itself, it is rare for a dog to start dancing when listening to music.

The ability to synchronize rhythms seems to be more a mechanism of evolution used differently according to species and circumstances

 Charles Darwin

The music most loved by most popular dogs is classical music , which has the ability, also in humans, to awaken the five senses and move emotions. This can be used before performing any activity with the animal that can put you under stress , such as, for example, going to the vet or staying home alone.

So if music has an effect on our animals, is it possible that they have a sense of rhythm and are able to dance?

Can dogs dance?

The answer is short and clear: yes. The sense of rhythm of the animals can be awakened with training, to the sample is in the exhibitions with horses. There are many dogs that help their artistic owners in their dancing shows. Let’s look at some.

In addition to them, there are many other dogs and puppies that can dance and even help their owners make a living from it. What is clear is that this requires training.

How to Train a Dog to Dance

Dog gets happy

We can not assure you or promise that your dog will dance at the first change with these indications, but if you are persevering, patient and loving, you will get your dog to start dancing after several workouts.

They develop chiropractic systems to correct biomechanical alterations

Chiropractic aims to “free the interferences to the nerve impulses, through the specific correction of the alterations Biomechanical skeletal muscles that can undergo the spine and / or any joint: knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, etc., “explains Nayeska Salazar, a doctor of chiropractic (graduate in the USA) and a member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Of the Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness.

The Salazar treatment involves a specific adjustment in different bone structures to move a joint within its physiological and anatomical field of operation, prior to a detailed study of palpation, radiography, resonance and computed tomography.

Since its signature Spine Storm®, what does a chiropractor do this specialist develops and investigates aspects for the correction, prevention of premature wear and maintenance of the spine and joints of the limbs, “taking into account virtues and wear and tear that an individual may have throughout His life, “he says.

Salazar developed the Sport Dance Chiropractic System® and Chiropractic -Tango Dance® systems, which offer specific strategies for the athlete (amateur and professional), for the artist (dancer, singer, broadcaster) and “for anyone who seeks quality of life” , He says. The Spine Storm team has a clinical doctor, kinesiologist, gymnastics and dance teachers.

The professional expresses that in order to obtain the maximum benefit, her clients must attend the personalized classes a minimum of twice a week accompanied by her personal trainer or by the dance teacher, twice to the gym and once a week to visit her studio for control and follow up.

Adding music to images on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to share photos, but what happens if you want to add background songs? There are several applications that let you add music to your photos Instagram, create a video of 15 seconds that any of your Instagram followers can see. These applications are available on both iOS and Android.

Method 1 of 2: Using Flipagram

  1. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 1
    Flipagram installed on your phone or tablet. Flipagram allows you to create photos or slides synchronized with your favorite music. This application is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play to download for free.
  2. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 2
    Open the application. Once installed Flipagram on your phone or tablet, click the shortcut icon on the screen to open the application. In the Welcome screen click “Start”.
  3. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 3
    . Choose the location where you get the pictures you can choose from the following locations: from your phone, gallery, Instagram or Facebook.

    • Note that before using your Facebook photos and Instagram, you must first log into your account and allow Flipagram access your photos.
  4. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 4
    Select the photos you want to use. You can add all the photos you want your slides. However, the more photos you add, the faster will the slides as Flipagram the compressed and will fit in a presentation less than 15 seconds.

    • If you select a photo, it will remain on the slide for 15 seconds.
  5. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 5

    Edit your photos. Double click any picture to edit, cut or adjust.
  6. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 6
    Turn to the next page. Once you finish editing the photos, click “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen to move to the next page.
  7. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 7
    Press the button “Audio” under the preview. You can use music Flipagram pressing “Music Search” or you can use the songs in your phone by pressing the “My Music” option.

    • In the section “Speed”, press “Instagram”. Once you select Instagram video length will be reduced to 15 seconds, which is the standard length for Instagram video.
  8. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 8
    Preview your slides. Just click the image to play. If you’re satisfied, click “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen to finish.

    1. Instagram select from the list of applications to share. This will open the application Instagram.
      Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 9
  9. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 10
    Edit your slide. If you want, you can edit using the editing tools Instagram. You can also add filters, if you want. Read this guide for details on how to edit the slide in Instagram and add filters.
  10. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 11
    Add a description. After editing the video, you can add a short description or tag your friends. You can also choose whether you want to share on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  11. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 12
    Post the video. Click on the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen to upload your slide images with music to your Instagram profile.

Method 2 of 2: Using SoundTracking

  1. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 13
    SoundTracking download the application. This application is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play to download for free. SoundTracking lets you set background for your images famous songs.
  2. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 14
    Register. When you open the application for the first time you will ask you toregister or login. You can use your Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, or you can create a specific account for SoundTracking with your email address.
  3. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 15
    Find a song to which you want to add your image. SoundTracking lets you search its database for a song or choose from the library of your phone.
  4. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 16
    Create your publication. After selecting a song, you can create your publication.Choose what image you want to combine with the song. You can take a new photo, choose one from your device or your Instagram account.
  5. Image titled Add Music to Pictures on Instagram Step 17
    Publish your photo. Once you select your image, share your publication with Instagram pressing the “Share”. Select Instagram and your post will be shared on Instagram as a video of 15 seconds.

5 movies for music lovers

There are great titles of musical movies collected by movie tube that surely everyone has already seen in cinema. But for those who are already fans and also for those who want to learn a little beyond of videos the Beyonce concert and tour. This is it by Michael Jackson, created this list of five films whose value lies not only in music but in as far as it values of production, actors and in the case of documentaries new information that they gather is of high quality.

They can be found on putlocker, but if you don’t have it, we recommend you to buy them to watch full movie since they are worth much.

Phil Spector
The story of a musician and American producer who worked with the Beatles and that in 2003 was charged with the murder of a low-budget movie actress named Lana Clarkson. In the film, Al Pacino interprets to Spector and Helen Mirren to his lawyer Linda Kenney Baden.

5 películas para los amantes de la música phil spector


Talks about the problems and the harsh reality which contemporary musicians face and has a behind the scenes of the legal battle that pitted 30 Seconds to Mars with his label EMI.

5 películas para los amantes de la música artifact


Muscle Shoals
A documentary that celebrates a musical study in the small town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where he produced hits such as “When A Man Loves A Woman” and “Brown Sugar”.

5 películas para los amantes de la música shoals


Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
It is a documentary of rock showing the past of some of the groups and most popular rock indie songs.

5 películas para los amantes de la música upside down

Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon
The director Stephen C. Mitchell, this documentary shows a family reunion in Talihina, Okla. attended the brothers Nathan, Caleb, Jared and their cousin Matthew Followill de Kings of Leon.

5 películas para los amantes de la música KOF



“Hawk” excessively, cry more than usual or in periods of severe cold, are the three most common causes that may cause temporary loss of voice, especially in the time when temperatures drop, with all the hassle that entails. Although the body is very wise and gets progressively voice alone, taking certain foods and following natural solutions can accelerate the recovery process.



Here we give you some simple tips that you can follow to clear your voice.

Scream a lot more than normal, hawking excessively or in periods of severe cold, it is very common that our voice will suffer. Although the body is very wise and simultaneously recover gradually, taking or ingesting certain foods and following the guidelines and natural solutions can accelerate the recovery process.

Eston just some of the best remedies for us to clarify the voice:



Cabbage is a completely natural food that, taken in the form of juice, combat hoarseness and speeds recovery of the voice. Also, vitamin A has a lot which is also used to soothe the throat, and jointly combat colds, another possible cause for which we were voiceless.


home-remedies-to-clear-the-voice-lemonFor those who wish to clarify his voice, either because colds are either because the previous night sang karaoke songs too high, or maybe forgot his handkerchief at home when the street was a little scratch that spoke how lonely talkative finally finds another voice with which to compare their own;whatever your reason, lemon juice is your ally . Always.

In fact, lemon is a food that will always come in handy, it’s like onion, which is good for all. It’s that kind of star fruit that can not miss in our fridge or fruit basket, that many have plastic fruit than others, smarter, healthier, filled with real food.

No, of course we can not miss lemons at home, and of course, especially if you are likely to lose your voice or constiparnos. This may surprise you, but the lemon is very good for releasing mucus, which can be of much use if this is the aspect of our problem, if, due to the accumulation of mucous our voice does not sound as clear as it should.

How do we do to help us in this great home remedy ? We will see later that we can also serve other foods, however, this may be enough.

A lemon, shall squeeze a little. That much is a little? Well if large lemon, we will take a room, and if average, half. You will see that in truth not loose much, much juice, but of course, with a few drops and noticed their sour taste.

A freshly squeezed juice this, we add about a cup of water, but more important is how we take it.Suddenly I do not, quitáoslo head. It should be slowly, so that the Fruit water infused and the liquid will act and not worse. We will be twenty to thirty minutes quietly swallowing this makeshift lemonade. Sugar, eh!


home-remedies-to-clear-the-voice-bicarbonateAnother measure to clarify the voice is used gargling , but to resort to this remedy we must take into account above all is that our intention is to soothe, relieve tension of the throat and vocal cords, not force. So shun force in the area as possible when making gargling, and in the end will be worse.

How do super healing mix? will add to a cup of warm water or warm (170 to 180 ml), half teaspoon of baking, another half tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of honey middle third . Note that if the measures are proportionate should be teaspoons, small (not tiny), not to take big soup.

With this, we gargle quietly for a couple of minutes . Remember, it is important not to force the area.



For those who are singers, they have to get used to eating radish, garlic, onion or lemon . You can mix them in salads with a few drops of olive oil.

Or you can have a glass of orange juice sweetened with a little honey cane or bees, when hot before bed.

Many people to remove the hoarseness, mix honey with lemon juice and a little warm water. Gargle four times a day. You will see how slowly you go noting that you will clear voice.

Another widely used remedy is a tablespoon of thyme in half a glass of water . Letting it stand for 10 minutes and strain. Add juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey rosemary. Drink it slowly with a straw, introducing much as possible in the mouth.

On the other hand, there are also other products such as pineapple , which can also help you recover from hoarseness or voice clear. This is because the properties of pineapple are beneficial to the vocal cords. It is equally effective whether the consume sliced ​​as if you drink in the juice.

grass of the singersYou know the grass of the singers ? With that name surely have beneficial properties for voice and indeed it is. This herb was already used centuries ago by the minstrels and singers of the kingdom to clarify the voice and resist long hours of performances without becoming hoarse. It is recommended to take a bit of dry grass boiled water and let stand about 20 minutes. We must take 3 cups a day, after meals.

On the other hand, they are also highly recommended infusions. For example, you can make tangerine peel (wash first), eucalyptus, ginger or rosemary.


All these home remedies help you to prevent and cure problems related to voice, but its effects will be felt more if you also still another set of recommendations to take care of your vocal cords.

For example, rest your voice will be critical. Try speaking and voice strain as little as possible, let the vocal cords are fully recovered. Get used to speak in a lower tone no longer force when it hurts the area of the vocal cords.

cure afonia
Moreover, there are cases in which pain can be caused by a bacterial infection in the throat oe vocal cords. In this case it is best to consult a prescriber us antibiotics (this does not mean that we continue implementing the home remedies for clear voice).

In cases become chronic by misuse of breath or voice, it is advisable to go to a speech therapist.

10 essential films for music lovers

A good movie, by definition, must have a soundtrack to match. Many classics are that category thanks to what is heard when the players stop moving lips. Inherited of the best silent films, many directors have considered the soundtracks as a character serve to complete one more than history and create an own recognisable sound.  youtubeonfire show you some examples of Super productions filmed with minimal promotion and low budget , but if you like good music, don’t miss them. You can find and Watch movies online in HD at project free tv.

1. This is Spinal Tap (1984) the: Rob Reiner directed this pseudo-documentary about a decadent rock band. Hilarious satire on all topics of the large groups of the 1970s which have failed to withdraw in time. Evil tongues say that it did Steven Tyler and Ozzie Osborne not shred of grace film.


2. 24 hour party people (2002):
The incredible, but absolutely real, story of the spectacular rise and fall of the record label Factory Records of Manchester, origin of groups such as Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays, and the popular Hacienda nightclub. A film to understand where it comes from and where it is called ‘sound Manchester’.
3. The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005): El director Jeff Feuerzeig retrieves the figure of Daniel Johnston, a living myth of folk that has influenced bands such as Nirvana and Perl Jam.The tape, raw and hard to equal parts, see the person who hides behind the artist. A genius, an artist total, unique and unrepeatable who one day decided that his place in the world was the toilet. I went in, pulled the chain and gave way to the legend.


4. control (2007):
The poetic leader of Joy Division, Ian Curtis, was a full of contradictions.Moving through life as it moved across the stage. To jumps. Without any recognizable address and look for ever behind. I was looking for recognition and love and fled both when I knew that I had found them. At the age of 23 years, decided that he had no more to tell and started in this world by the back door. His legacy, short and insufficient to his legion of fans, remains your best business card.
5. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001): John Cameron Mitchell directed and starred in thisadaptation of the famous musical rock of the off Broadway. The story of an unknown rock world-famous singer and their efforts to reach stardom and find love. Exchange of sex, a pace that leaves you breathless and brilliant musical performances have made this film cult world.


6 Gimme Shelter (1970):
How could not be less, the dream of the sixties had expiry dates and who better than The Rolling Stones to transmit it. Jagger and company met with reality when in one of his concerts Los Angeles del Infierno, hired for the occasion for security tasks, ended the life of one of his exalted fans. The beautiful message of peace and love from the period ran out of content and laid bare the darkest one of the best bands in rock history part.
7. i Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002): Sam Jones directed this excellent documentary about Wilco, a band which is beginning to find, after many years of good work and a handful of excellent songs, its place in the Olympus of music. The tape tells the process whereby the band led by a Jeff Tweedy more disheveled that usual, went through recording and finally releasing their fourth Studio album, the celebrated Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.


8. Some Kind of Monster (2004):
A documentary that shows with Metallica as a Guinea pig, what the great bands are trying to hide: too often the members of a group are not supported.‘Some Kind of Monster’ began as a ‘ making of’ of the St. Anger album but was drifting in a complex film about the relationships between the components of the Group and the struggle of egos in that hemisphere often the creative process of almost all the great bands and/or rock companies


9. The Story of Anvil (2008): film about an unknown metal band which achieved some notoriety in the early 1980s. The director, Sacha Gervasi, a story of friendship and loyalty between two men that the train of Fame and fortune makes time that left them pulled. A tape that demystifies to rock bands and to remember that music is a warehouse full of broken toys.


10. Sid and Nancy (1986):
Alex Cox poses your camera on the road to the destruction of one of the most famous couples in the history of music, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. The daily of a junkie who also played in the Sex Pistols, the band’s most famous punk history. The end was literally Sung.


Justin Bieber showed his muscles after fitness training

Men's Health

Men's Health

He wants to show that he is a man healthy and dedicated only to the gym. The Canadian singer Justin Bieber posed for the cover of Men’s Health magazine and metadrol funciona.

‘The reinvention of Justin Bieber’ is the title that accompanies the magazine, which contains several pictures of the young singer and an interview in which he speaks both on their changed physical and personal.

“This has been a great year for me, in terms of understanding things. This is as a change of 180 degrees from where it used to be, thank to the training course of Washington DC Personal Trainer and very helpful advices from Doug Murphy- the Owner. Yesterday I was in jail,”said the interpreter of ‘Baby’.

And although many have questioned the photographs of Bieber, after the so-called digital retouching would have asked in their photoshoot for Calvin Klein, the editor of the journal, Bill Phillips, defended the pop idol.

“I had the same reaction when people came up to me last fall, and dismissed the idea almost immediately. But then I decided that it was just knowing it first.”said Phillips.
According to told Phillips, he was following Justin instagram and emphasized their dedication in the gym.

“I started to follow Biebs on Instagram and saw that I was spending much time in the gym and reading. I talked to the guys behind his campaign for Calvin Klein underwear, and they assured me that their desire to reinvent itself was authentic,”he said.


The 10 best books of music in 2014

2014 East was a very prolific year on rock books. The usual music lover seeking music and special editions, are also turning to download ebooks and many of them were very welcome by the public that accompanied the proposed innovative in bookstores. There are journalists analyzing certain issues, to musicians who have to write and are also making their mark in this area. Not to mention biographies, a genre that never dries up. The other good news is the reissue of some classics that were depleted or outdated and this year returned to the shelves.

Because already it comes the time thinking what to read during the holidays, here are the 10 best literature year rock releases.

1. “a Tacvbo Crocknicas” of Joselo Rangel

The book that collects the best articles to the bassist of Café Tacvba writes weekly in the daily Exelsior of Mexico. It is from music analysis, to travelogues and trastiendas of tours and shows thru. Joselo maintains the custom delivered every week a column of his own and it can discover the professional musician, fan asking for autographs or know firsthand how a rock band live tour to the world.

2 “virus” Marcelo Moura

The history of one of the most important Argentine rock bands told by one of its founders. Federico Moura’s profile, the hard years of the dictatorship, the formation and glory of the band. With much humor and look who has the experience of rock from the inside, it is one of the great literary recommendations of the year.

We met with the Chamber of generation B when Marcelo Moura presented the book at La Viola Bar. Watch it here

3 “Chronicles and illuminations” Luis Alberto Spinetta and Eduardo Berti

The reissue of a classic book of journalism of rock, sold out and discontinued for decades. In Spinetta reviewed his career until the 1980s and speaks with much ease and directness of their music, their inspirations children and of his life. The 2014 Edition includes a more recent report and photos of his friend Eduardo Martí. In addition, this book has the support of the sons of the skinny.

We also missed the presentation of the book, with great guests. Look here

4. “Rockstar” Diego Mancusi

No less than 50 steps to become a rock star. Almost independent editing, Mancusi reviewed all the clichés of the rock and give the keys to reach fame and surrounded by beautiful groupies. With a foreword by Andrés Calamaro and Gustavo Sala lid design, this is a perfect book that combines rock with fun.

5 “round 100 times” beautiful Jose and Fernando García

Stories and anecdotes from one of the most famous bands in the history of Argentine rock. Of the undergorund platense to the world’s largest pogo and a foundational book for the lover of Patricio Rey sus Redonditos de Ricota, but also for those who discover the myth even after almost 15 years of their separation.

6. “jacksonismo“, by Mark Fisher

A book that analyzes the phenomenon of Michael Jackson beyond which a biography or a tribute. Mark Fisher select articles from authors such as Simon Reynolds, Ian Penman, Steven Shaviro and more to understand more than just a pop star that defined his time but also everything that meant his death, its final crisis and his legacy.

7. “how came the hand” of Miguel Grinberg


Final a classic reissue: Miguel Grinberg explores the origins of the Argentine rock in a book originally published in 1977 and includes talks with Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García, Moris, Claudio Gabis, Gustavo Santaolalla, León Gieco and many more. This reissue includes notes Miguel Cantilo and Rodolfo García and a new foreword by Grinberg which analyzes the national rock almost 50 years of his birth.



8 “Cerati. Intimate conversations“of Gustavo Bove



A book with various interviews journalist Gustavo Bove made Gustavo Cerati at different points in his career. Gathered all the conversations, the book exposes Cerati reflections on his work, but also shows what are your thoughts on fame and his eyes on art. It includes a foreword by Richard Coleman, fellow traveler of Cerati and personal friend of the author.



9. “Selling England for a pound” of Norberto Cambiasso



This is just the first volume of an exhaustive investigation of Norberto Cambiasso on the English rock, especially on its more progressive side. This book analyzes from “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles and “Piper in the Gates of Dawn” appeared in 1967 and that they modified the British scene. The book includes three essays on the most popular groups of the symphonic rock: Yes, Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.


10. “White Linné Fever.” The autobiography“of Lemmy Kilmister



The people of Jedbangers published in the Argentina and Spanish the autobiography of one of the greatest icons of rock: Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead leader. A character full of stories and much, but very rock ‘n’ roll. Ideal for read from end to end before its return visit to the Argentina in may 2015. The local Edition comes with a protective case and a gift pin.

10 beautiful songs about prostitution

They call it the oldest profession in the world. If that is true, then the first human composers can imagine singing about that since then has remained a bastion of musical inspiration: prostitution. There have been many, but these are my top ten.
For purposes of the appeal, I tried to include songs by about ten different genres of music, or rock genres, however, despite the categorization of gender is so inaccurate that part really doesn’t matter much. I have also had short description and sweet to emphasize that it is a list that was experienced mainly by music.
Of course, add your own favorites in the comments.

Killer Queen

To be an invention of front-man Freddie Mercury, and reaching # 2 on the British charts, this album was made possible by the use of two pianos, two guitars, bass and harmony of four vocal parts. In 1975, was held as part of a Queen of night at the Opera Tour, in a medley following Bohemian Rhapsody. Mercury made no bones about the meaning of the song, explaining: “is about call girls london named upper class. I’m trying to say that classy people can be whores also. That’s what the song is about, although I prefer people to put their interpretation on it.

Bad Girls
Donna Summer

Just take this in a moment: “Bad Girls” was released on the album triple platinum, Bad Girls, along with the hits “Hot Stuff” and “She works hard for the money,” the cover art of which appears a lingerie – dresses from Donna Summer standing under a streetlight rutilant. (For the fans who love Listverse a rare Word, “rutilant” means bright red.) But it is the same music that describes this song as a top ten, and if you disagree, then, obviously, I’ve never skated roller to it.The catchy “tut-tut, bip-bip” riff later “Ladies of the Chamber.” is shown in numerous songs by hip hop, especially by Aaliyah on the track

Three wooden crosses
Randy Travis

For those of you who just don’t understand the appeal of countries / west of gospel music, which helps give you realize that most the main emphasis, that any other style, is in the narrative nature of the words of the music. That said, “Three Wooden Crosses” tells the story of four people, a farmer, a teacher, a prostitute and a preacher, who are involved in a collision between a bus and a police motorized eighteen years. The three are not prostitutes killed in the accident, but the prostitute survives and, at the end of the song, is revealed as the mother of the Narrator song, which eventually becomes a preacher also. Last year it received song of the year in 2003 by the Country Music Association.

53rd & 3rd
The Ramones

In 1976, written by bassist Dee Dee Ramone, this song is about a green beret who kills a prostitute with a razor blade and it is now being pursued by the police (although it is not very clear). The title refers to the corner of the street in Manhattan, once famous for its lively atmosphere of male prostitution, and where a church now stands. The song was covered by Metallica in 2002, the same year the Ramones were included in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, and was ranked as the second best band of all time by the magazine, Spin, behind only the Beatles.

You don’t have to be a prostitute
The flight of the Conchords

A parody of “Roxanne” by The Police, the songs of this wins a place in a list of beautiful songs, because it’s fun, and when good enough, humor, achieve beauty. And honestly, is there any possible more beautiful phrase that “You don’t have to be a prostitute”? I put no. Bittersweetly, the flight of the Conchords show only lasted two seasons. Bittersweetly because, although we would like it had more, it is always better leave on top of their game that staying too long, a lesson that lost the majority, unfortunately.

I Dreamed A Dream
Les Misérables

Certainly not the most explicit song on this list, barely touches on the Act of prostitution itself, but the character who sings it is prostitution, so I’m going to tell. This selection is here mostly because of 2009 Susan Boyle performance on Britain’s Got Talent, which, regardless of your opinion of Susan, song or show, was a cultural phenomenon beyond denial. His rendition of the song became an international star (in the view of virus if nothing else), re-popularizado a work worthy, and, in my humble opinion, gave us all a masterpiece of the edition of reality television.

Sweet Painted Lady
Elton John

This wonderfully creepy song is about a sailor who is “back to Earth firm, once again” with a lot of money for, you guessed it, eagerly spend on hookers. But infinitives split to one side, “Sweet Painted Lady” contributed significantly to all the work that was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. That album is universally considered to be the Magnum Opus of the par collaboration of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. In addition to Elton and Bernie: “Island Girl”, about a prostitute’s 6 ft and 3 of Jamaica’s vague genre.

The House of the rising sun

A song by blues of anonymous author, “House of the Rising Sun” is a story of sin, sex ruin and a tortured soul in New Orleans. The song has been recorded by various artists such as Bob Dylan and Dolly Parton. Many debate the true meaning of the title, the argument that could be a euphemism to refer to a brothel, a jail, a plantation of slaves or a particular establishment that in the French quarter. The most famous version of the song was by the band britanica-invasion of the age of The Animals, who argued that it was an old popular song English migrants brought to America (originally it was a brothel in Soho, rather than New Orleans). Thanks to Eric Burdon chilling cries, the adaptation of animals “would become a classic in its own right and would make 500 Rolling Stone best songs of all time, # 122.

X Offender

Just call “sex offenders.” The name was changed due to the typical apprehension of the label, however, the letter is still the same. Anyway, this song par excellence of the new wave band par excellence of the new wave is a prostitute who, rather romantic, falls in love with his police officer arresting a-o, as she puts it, his “vision in blue.” The song was written by bassist Gary Valentine, which provides for a song about prostitution [only], but of police Debbie Harry to twist signature. Also of Blondie: “Call Me”, about a prostitute, and “In The Flesh”, which, like much of the grandeur of the Blondie throughout its history, was a B-side (appropriately to “X Offender” in the United Kingdom).

It is not your business

Given the frequent use of the misogynistic “bitch” in rap music, and the fact that the female group Salt-N-Pepa were, as women, major pioneers of this industry, this hymn resonates with a special complexity. In addition, it is clearly an impressive record, and taught us the expression, “opinions are like ass, everyone has one”. In 1995, song won the Grammy Award for Best Rap performance by a Duo or group, the Act for the first time women to win the award, and also helped to nominate Salt-N-Pepa for the AMA’s best artist Hip Hop of the same year. The music video wasn’t bad, either. In fact, despite being sufficiently daring to play limited on MTV, which won a VMA for best Dance Video.
Therefore, they are not your top ten. If you take nothing else away from this list, please take this: Salt-N-Pepa was not a duo. A percentage surprisingly high of people automatically and assume erroneously that were a duo, but they were a trio, composed of salt (Cheryl James), Pepa (Sandra Denton), and group (Dee Dee Roper).

A member of ABBA will open the first official restaurant inspired by Mamma Mia

Björn Ulvaeus said that local, imitating the Greek tavern in which the musical took place will open its doors in January in Stockholm

The legendary Swedish Quartet, ABBA, arouses passions among fans, who can dine in a restaurant inspired by the musical “Mamma Mia!” now to travel to the country of origin of the band.

The local will open its doors in the city of Stockholm, and will try to replicate the style of the Greek tavern in which several of the scenes of the work taking place. It will thus join with thematic Museum that already exists in the Swedish capital in honor of ABBA.

In addition to eat Greek food and listen to music of the famous group of the ‘ 80s, Diners can get into the skin of one of the characters in the musical, and acting or singing as in the famous scenes.

The project is headed by the own Björn Ulvaeus, one of the figures of the group. This confirmed to the Swedish newspaper The Local, that seafood restaurant Granville island is an idea that might expand to other parts of the world if it works.

The opening is expected for January of next year in the area of Gröna Lund in Stockholm, one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Swedish capital.

Create a digital instrument for young paralysis to communicate with music

A group of musicians and a speech of basin Center and fire 2017 have created a pioneering instrument digital sensors for a young woman with cerebral palsy can communicate with the world through music.

The instrument, which is still a prototype, created using free software and the idea is that it can be used by other people with communication problems as Henar, a 16 year-old who suffers from an atetosica encephalopathy, as explained to Efe Jorge Simon Sanchez Lopez, from the center of speech “Celeo” of Cuenca.

Its major objective is that this instrument, built based on hardware and software free, foster “socialization through music”.

“We are in the trial period to improve the instrument so Henar can start it playing but we have it quite advanced,” said Sanchez Lopez, who explained that all this is part of a project called “An instrument for Henar”, non-profit also involving Antony Maubert, Manuel Miguel Sepúlveda and Ignacio Ave.

The instrument, called “HenarUno”, is like a small electronic battery that has an Arduino board, sensors and a mini-computer Raspberry IP with configurable sound card micro SD and different sound connections.

Sensors give the possibility of playing in six different scales and transporting it to the twelve notes, so Henar has the feeling of entering harmony, explained the Coordinator of the center of speech which Henar has been receiving attentions since age 6.

It is similar to a “sampler” which emits both as melodic percussion sounds, explained Sanchez Lopez.

The project has received aid, such as Globalcaja basin that has contributed EUR 500, although they have undertaken a micropatronage program to finance, mostly to buy technology.

The idea is that once created, anyone can replicate the instrument with all the templates you have created and to give broadcasting, have mounted “a wiki” which provides documentation of the process.

You can learn more about this project and collaborate economically making donations at

It can also provide material of Informatics, image and sound, of electronics related Arduino and Raspberry Pi or musical collaborations.

True Detective: the spectacular soundtrack for one of the best series in recent years

True Detective

It is not a question of a fashion or a transient fever. It is question that only with the viewing of the initial credit titles, left little doubt that True Detective every second is a masterpiece(watch movies online here).

In overwhelming the HBO series everything is glorious. Its creator, Nic Pizzolatto, already hinted his genius in two of the chapters of another jewel, in this case something more unnoticed, as it was The Killing (2011).

Its director, Cary Fukunaga, showed more than him was left master and sensitivity with the latest adaptation of the immortal works of Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre (2011).

And actors… What can be said of his actors without being cloying, unbiased and subjective… where have you been this interpretive animal for so many years Matthew McConaughey? Better late than never, and we believe there is no appellations enough for that… Yes, dare we say it, it has become the best actor of the last decade.

Without diminishing of course a forever young Woody Harrelson, visceral, rude, sympathetic and overwhelming in its role as Marty Hurt. And one suffered Michelle Monaghan as though it already outperformed in films as small goodbye, goodbye (Ben Affleck, 2007), with True Detective gives a blow on the table and makes it clear that her eyes of fright are a great actress.

In the swampy landscape of southern Louisiana and with a strange and disturbing yellow in many of his images filter, True Detective jumps seventeen years ago, seventeen years later, and each jump was raises a new question, a new fear and a new need for more and more.

Marty Hurt Rust Cohle know many things, share many secrets and do not want to tell everything… or at least that feeling is that remains in their silences, their lyrical twists or the use of such metaphysical verbiage that often leave us wavering and doubt about whether this is a series of assassins and cops, or instant checkmate review, or a lesson about our banal existence

A lesson that Rust continues to give us. His face is constant condescension. His prophetic words always. It handles any situation. You know everything…

So much so that in a situation as simple and everyday as of two couples taking a beer in a bar, their conversation revolves around the explanation of what they are synesthesia.

True Detective

Torn chords

Synaesthesia. Neurophysiology is the joint assimilation or interference of various types of sensations of different senses in a single perceptual Act. We see True Detective leaves us dry mouth, hands sweating and ears rumbling.

Dry mouth, because it is hard to close it before such visual colossus, hands sweating for a few nerves contained before the impending horror that all hope, and ears rumbling because if creator, director and actors are glorious, the choice of music touches the sky.

T Bone Burnett, legendary musician, composer and producer and standard bearer of legends such as Roy Orbison, John Mellencamp and Elvis Costello, is the major cause that flooded plantations of sugar cane along the two policemen, become places axfisiantes to the rhythm of the country more dark and twisted.

Far from any road, of the Chicago band, The Handsome Family, opens each chapter, with a few titles of credit, by the way also exquisite. The broken voice of Brett Sparks reveals the poison of the history that we find, that of Rennie Sparks reminds us with its sweetness to the otherwise memorable series, Twin Peaks.

And from there, a parade of performers of “roots music”; Grinderman, The Black Angels, Kris KristoffersonThe 13th floor elevators, The Staple Singers, the Texan Townes Van Zandt, a benchmark of alternative country music,

And many more as Don van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart’sdictatorial and eclectic, Vashti Bunyan, the misunderstood British singer-songwriter who had to wait for 30 years to become a singer of cult, The Melvins, inspiring of what then became known as grunge music,

Guitars, banjos, violins, torn… String basses, southern sounds that get us tangled in ears and introduce US into the overwhelming atmosphere of this village much gagging eccentric Cohle.


Far from any road, The Handsome Family

Honey Bee, Grinderman

Young men dead, The Black Angels

Casey’s last ride, Kris Kristofferson

Kingdom of heaven, The 13th floor elevator

Stand by me, The Staples Singers

Clear spot, Capitan Beefheart

Train song, Vashti Bunyan

A history of a bad man, The Melvins

“You don’t have to look like a prostitute,” advised singer

Bette Midler called Ariana Grande to rely on their own talents

Bette Midler surprised with a statement that referred to singer Ariana Grande as a“prostitute”.


In an interview with The Telegraph, Midler opined about the State of the music industry and, in particular, showed his disagreement with Grande.


It is always surprised to see someone like Ariana Grande with that silly voice, healthy voice, slipping on a sofa being so ridiculous.” I mean, it is an incredible nonsense, I don’t know who is telling him to do so”, he said.


Midler even sent a message to Ariadna:


“This is not my issue, I am not his mother. Or its agent. Perhaps they say that what hasto be done. Sex sells. Sex has always sold. Trust your talent. You don’t have to look like prostitute or outcall escort london to get ahead.


Ariana used his Twitter account to respond to Bette, who was declared fan, andrecalled the number of Midler where Mermaid left and that at the time, it wasconsidered too sensual.


“Bette was always a feminist who represented the women able to do what they want without judging them. I’m not sure where it was Bette, but I love that sexy siren‘sreturn. Always a fan, no matter what happens”.


Much is comes speaking from ago years about the piracy of music. Those arguments will become repetitive and boring; Since is as illegal as stealing a car to the “copy is not steal”. From makes some months in the communities on-line of digital agency thailand is speaks much about the law Sinde, and them different voices to please and in against.

Now the different points of view tend to have two fundamental problems:

Makin music for moneyBoth arguments lack of much hold. The morality is a construction intellectual human that changes with the societies, what is considered moral makes 50 years today is clearly unacceptable.

With regard to the technology happens something similar. He knowledge advances, no matter who is in the road. [Irony] The people of the large record labels should be Socialist since are so opposite to the Darwinism social [/ irony].

The parts musical as entity unit there since always. When we lived in groups or tribes already piled a song. Mozart, Beethoven composing symphonies, those Beatles songs;all works closed, units of music.

What is unique to the shape of marketing that we live in the twentieth century and early twenty-first is the music retail : disc-shaped and more recently in the form of individual tracks.

But the truth is that “owning” an album or song does not mean anything, one purchase is the right to reproduce it for oneself; not is you can lend, copy, share or pass it to an audience (if you read the fine letter).

Under that premise models such as the Bandcamp, although they are interesting for its approach to pay what you want and pay only if something is to our liking, remain based on the concept of payment by piece of music retail.

The future is already here.

Reading an article about how Spotify is close to being profitable is evident that profitable music marketing models are possible. The subscription model is the only way of marketing viable music within 5 years.

The idea of having music files on the hard disk or the device mobile (iPod, cell phone, etc) will tend to disappear because it will be much more convenient to connect to a streaming service. To improve WWAN connectivity will see more and more sites and applications dedicated to this purpose.

If you think that you could access to millions of songs, suggestions as the Pandora (or Genius) to discover new artists and that we could forget synchronizing various devices makes perfect sense in the world.

Then those users not would be paying for music, would be paying for convenience.And by that If are willing to remove the wallet, examples of that are unnecessary.

By any reason, that you go to leave that analyze them psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists, the people has a tendency to not wanting to pay by content, but if by access to them of way suitable.

Is possible that within an or two generations of players of music, cellular and related have this type of functionality by default.

Under this model the figure of the record companies would change radically, transforming them into:

We will see if the infamous cloud comes to the music industry and its marketing permanently.

‘I know how to remove unwanted hair with the sugaring’ says singer Cindy Lauper

Cindy Lauper has passed a long period of reflection and has returned with a compilation full of categorical statements. At the age of 41, committed by dance music, the creativity of women and for their independence. However, she has a small trouble whenever she wears short or bikini, that is unwanted hair. And finally, she found it easy to eliminate hair with sugaring. In an interview of a cosmetic magazine named Sugaring san diego, she said:”Do you know how to epilate you with sugar? Learn how to remove unwanted hair with the sugaring”

Depilation with sugar (sugaring) she has done in the Middle East and countries as Egypt has been used since the times of the Pharaohs to eliminate unwanted effectively hair . This method is not as painful as the wax and leaves a very soft skin, is cheap, and we do it nosotr@s mism@s in the comfort of our home. Depilation with sugar is easy to make, easily applied and removed perfectly without leaving remains on the skin. In this recipe I’ve included nails (spices) because they have an anaesthetic effect and rose petals because they give a very pleasant smell and leave the skin very soft and silky.



  1. In a glass jar alternating layers of sugar and petals. Let stand in cool dark place between 12 and 24 hours. You will see that a kind of syrup has formed. Put it in a frying pan to fire low and add nails that you’ve previously crushed in a mortar. In just a few minutes you will be obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Add lemon juice and it keeps moving to the syrup will be thickening.
  2. Strain the mixture to remove any petals and let it completely homogeneous and throw it in the pan to heat approximately 20 minutes or until syrup is reduced and becomes darker. Remove from fire and add rose water, moves well. You can save up to 1 year in an airtight glass jar so that it retains its properties, either use it when it is warm (slightly hot).

How to use it:

  1. Use a spatula or wooden paddle to apply, in the same direction as the hair growth, a thin layer of hardened syrup (check that is not too hot by a small test first in the forearm).
  2. Put the cloth over the area in which you have applied the syrup and press on the cloth firmly, then pulls the cloth in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  3. If the syrup is cool, just warm it to fire until lukewarm again.
  4. After depilation brightens the area with warm water to remove any residual

Avoid sunbathing during the 24 hours following hair removal

If you have sensitive skin you can reduce the irritation if you roll the hair in the same direction as its growth

Do not use on skin wounds, Burns, eczema, psoriasis, or warts.

After epilation you can apply aloe vera or this calendula oil which you can do at home.


Using saw as a musical instrument

The saw is the perfect example of object or tool reused successfully for musical purposes.
Unknown who was the first person to rub a violin against a saw blade bow, but it is assumed that it was at the beginning of the 19th.
In the region of the Appalachian mountains, in the United States, it is considered an indigenous instrument, and demand for its origin, since it is the area where it is most used, but there is no any technical data that support it.
One way or another, the truth is that at the beginning of the 20th century the instrument reached a relative popularity on the scenarios of “vaudeville” and varieties, also play a role as a generator of sound effects in the old films of science fiction and thriller.
Until the 1960s it was still common to see this instrument in a television show as an anecdotal fact, and the fact is that despite its very complex execution, there are recordings of a surprising virtuosity.Handle or handle of the instrument is taken between the legs, and catching the edge of the sheet with one hand, curves “S” shaped. Depending on the voltage applied to the sheet and place where rub the bow, we obtain different notes.
There are several brands that manufacture the instrument in Europe and America(visit to see more), many of them eliminating the cutting teeth and simply keeping the blade clean on both sides. It should be noted to Clarence Mushell, which improved the steel alloy, to give greater flexibility and harmonic richness. Mushell was the first to manufacture a saw for purposes exclusively musical.
There are various associations around the world devoted to the subject, being one of the most notable “International Musical Sawplayers Association”, founded by Tom Scribner, which annually holds an annual Convention, with attendees from around the world.Tom Scribner, who was a virtuoso of the instrument, has a statue in the city of Santa Cruz, California.
This instrument is on display in the Museum of the music of Urueña, Luis Delgado collection.

The Mexican singer Luis Miguel sold his luxurious villa in Miami

The 3,860-square-feet (359 m2) villa is located on the ground 46 the area of Miami known as Brickell building jade

Luis Miguel, managed to sell his Mauritius luxury villas after four months of being on sale. 

The Mexican singer Luis Miguel has sold its luxurious Miami apartment, overlooking the sea from a height of 46, for 2.2 million dollars, according to details real estate agent Allan Kleer today on its website.

“It really is an impressive House. Not only because it offers a lot of space, but because its plant design is very difficult to find in Miami”, says the own Kleer, responsible for closing the transaction in a statement.

3,860-square-feet (359 m2) apartment is located on the ground 46 building jade known as Brickell area of Miami, and overlooks Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, the port of the city and the Atlantic.

After four months on the market, attic, which has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, three balconies and a private elevator, has been purchased by a person from the Netherlands, “he paid cash and closed the operation in just ten days”.

Insurance for singers

What insurance the singers are needed?fashion womanin leather jacket making the ok thumbs up sign

advantages of our insurance for singers

Other insurance discounts for the singers to take your insurance with us.

Fill in the following information and our team of specialists in insurance for singers you will inform insurance in which interested bidding him better economically than what this paying now.

How to soundproof your recording studio

Many musicians who struggle, given the difficulty of practicing and recording at their home and possibly alter their neighbors, decide to rent a space for practice. However, an option that should be considered is the soundproofing a room in the House for recording and practice. Other reasons soundproofing a room may be the improvement of a system of film at home, reducing outside noise, or to have a quiet space to relax in the House.

When the noise comes from the outside

When the noise comes from the interior of the building

Pipes, the machinery of the elevator, TV neighbors, children, voices… You have to locate the focus of those noises to act in the rooms suffering, in such a way that the reform is as limited as possible.

Sound reduction techniques

Professional soundproofing materials

Rooms within a room

Avril Lavigne has arranged her teeth

avril lavigne


por sus colmillos

The renowned Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, seems to have serious problems with their teeth. So much so, that in an article published by the magazine “Star”, the beautiful artist confessed that he deeply hated her “fangs”, and that it would put to a dental treatment to be able to transform them.
Avril, come to a famous cosmetic dentist(Visit Website to see more), whose job would be to limited neatly the pointy molars causing so much discomfort in the beautiful singer.
Other comments that performed Avril with respect to her “fangs”, is that most of the time feels observed by the public at the time of singing, and not just as a matter of normal as it often happens with any artist, but by the frustrating appearance of their molars when it performs any type of movements with her mouth.
There is undoubtedly a really uncomfortable situation for the young musician, who revealed that no sooner complete their numerous concerts, I would encourage to undergo treatment, provided the same is very simple and does not involve any damage on it, but a solution.

A singer with a serious physical disability will represent Poland at Eurovision 2015


The Polish national television TVP has internally selected Monika Kuszińska with the ballad In the name of love. Monika suffered a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down in 2006 and was healed by benefits canada disability.

Monika was born in Łόdź in 1980. She graduated in art. He published his first single with the group Fahrenheit published titled Film, which drew the attention of the leader of the group Varius Manx, who signed her as a vocalist since the year 2000. In the new formation recorded several albums such as Eta, Eno or Emi, winning in 2002 the Festival of the Baltic States with the song Moje Eldorado. After his tragic accident began in 2010 solo career by publishing his first record in 2012.

The song to be presented in Vienna consists of her husband, Kuba Raczyński, and the letter is the own Monika. As she explained: “in the name of love can overcome any barrier. This year the logo of the Eurovision Song Contest is “Building bridges” and this reflects perfectly the idea which I want to transmit with my song. “I try to unite two worlds that until now seemed impossible to come together: the world of the physically disabled and that are not”.

You can watch the video of In the Name of Love in the video attached below:

Poland will perform in the second half of the second semifinal Thursday, May 21.

Work in the music industry

The music industry has much employment to offer and, if what you like is to make or listen to music, you might find  jobs hiring near me and your work output in this market.

If music is your obsession at any time, if you know every detail of your favorite bands and some more of the popular, historical, which were inspired and which will be in the future, perhaps your dream is to manage or be part of a band.

On stage with bright lights and fans or under it, producing, promoting, creating tours, the music industry they have much employment for several who feel that music is his passion.

The music industry has a cool, glamorous image and a lot of people who want to be part of this world so it is important to gain a place and to live it.

Mairin Gannon, director of development, Universal says that they constantly are looking for someone who is passionate about music and have an understanding of the industry and how it is changing.

In many areas, it is necessary creative people who have the confidence and willingness to input ideas. It is essential to take every opportunity to get involved in the industry, whether running club nights, or if you’re a student, through participation in musical events or experience doing the work.

Work, in this sense is not hard, therefore expected that you attend concerts and to use them as an opportunity to create a network of contacts and to be a fan of the music. The knowledge of music is also important: keep in touch with the current trends and opinions on bands.

It requires that people have prepared very well for the interview process: having done much research in the industry, to know towards where we digitally, to take into account the type of services that are offered to the artists, and how you can promote our artists and our music. And, in particular, have thought about how we can ensure that good music reach a wider population.

It is an industry that is difficult to enter, but is changing, and there are a lot of routes that do not necessarily imply work for a traditional record label.

Chris Wilson, Professor of music believes that students will do a huge spectrum and very wide offer of jobs. We have sound, light and live events of technology degree, from where students go to do the technical work, such as handling of the stages at Glastonbury, and equipment for packaging and remodeling.

There has never been more demand for content, however, access to the market is not as simple as it used to be, but the opportunities are more numerous. Apart from the specialized knowledge and skills, are required to be able to manage time, interact professionally, speak with confidence, be respectful with deadlines, and do what you say that we are going to do.

Diets for singers

Athletes follow special to maintain their at its best condition.The singers also need to pay special attention to their bodies. Musicians who play the saxophone or guitar can not worry follow special diets, singers use their as an instrument, and foods that ingest can affect its performance.



The vocal sound and are the most valuable possession of a singer. Without enough lubrication, the vocal cords will not work properly and can even be damaged.


To keep the vocal cords lubricated and to prevent damage, the singers should avoid diuretic foods (i.e., that water removed). Some common diuretics that should be avoided are salt, caffeine and alcohol.



Keep the vocal cords hydrated is as simple as drinking plenty of water, (decaffeinated) herbal teas and natural fruit juices.


To test or act, singers should eat light meals with foods high in energy. The best meals are proteins lean (fish or chicken), vegetables and fruits. Avoid dairy products, which can contribute to the production of mucus, and foods with high fat or refined sugar.


Both legal drugs and cigarettes and the illegal as cocaine and marijuana have harmful effects in the vocal tract. Singers, say ‘No’.

 Source: best indonesian food singapore


Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias drone injured in accident

Churches continued singing. When the concert ended, he was taken to the airport’s emergency.

The Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias was injured during a concert in Tijuana, Mexico in an accident with a drone.

Churches tried to take the machine, which was used to shoot the crowd, but “something went wrong, and had an accident,” said one of its representatives on Instagram.

Churches continued singing, but at the end of the concert, flew to Los Angeles, where he was seen by a specialist.

The device was used to shoot to the public.
Iglesias ended the concert with his bandaged hand.

Photos published on social networks after the event at the Plaza de Toros de Tijuana show him with what appears to be a bandage improvised in the right hand and spots of blood on his shirt.

According to José Bonilla, his agent’s press and Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton, the hand of churches “continued bleeding during the whole show”.

Then the star of 40 years was carried at full speed to the airport.

Churches, one of the most internationally renowned Spanish-speaking singers, recently received nine Latin Billboard awards.

The next stop of their tour “Sex and Love” is scheduled for July 3 in the capital of Mexico.

Rihanna was on the verge of bankruptcy because of her accountant

Rihanna en bancarrota por culpa de su contable

The singer Rihanna in bankruptcy because of her “stupid” accountant.

Rihanna has stated that her accountant took decisions as extremely stupid and useless that were the cause of that Rihanna lost her fortune and was “bankrupt” at the end of 2009.

The singer Rihanna says in new legal documents had eleven million dollars in cash at the beginning of the year 2009. Rihanna says her accountant not handled it well when it comes to managing your money and was appalled to discover at the end of the year that had only two million dollars. To make things worse, your expenses doubled, which placed it at a financial cliff.

As for how Rihanna aired those nine million a year, Rihanna says that her accountant gave a green light to buy a House priced between seven and twelve million dollars, so I followed your advice. Rihanna finally sold the House with a loss of two million. Rihanna also says that on her tour of 2009, ‘ Last Girl on Earth Tour’, it was losing money but that his accountant never told is face to face, and she needs a Great Bookkeeping Services Provider. Legal documents were filed as part of a demand for Rihanna against her accountant, alleging mismanagement.

However, as we can see, Rihanna has recovered very well. Your net worth is currently estimated at $ 43 billion and this year it seems that it is sweeping in her professional career, while continuing to work on new projects. After their successful Duet with Shakira, and their single ‘Can’t remember to forget you’, that fuses pop-rock in a song sung mainly by the Colombian Shakira and solo pieces performed by the barbadensa, Rihanna returns to the recording studio to prepare their new album, which it is speculated that it will be released in November of this year.

Backpack baby carrier with built-in music system

Looking at him, I thought immediately that it is one of those things that should haveinvented before. Thinking about it a couple of times, I wonder if it will be those thingsthat end up not being used for the function were invented. But anyway, I love the idea.
best babyjorn baby carrier for nursing Bebemon X-Music is equipped with a sound systemincorporated which consists of an amplifier and speakers to connect your MP3 ormobile phone. Thus, you can load the child and while put music to relax or fall asleep.
Music therapy has great benefits in children. In addition to relaxing them, music haspositive effects on its long-term development, helps them concentrate, improveslanguage and stimulates creativity.
Backpack baby carrier Bebemon X-Music has a pocket on one of its sides where youconnect your iPod, MP3, mobile or what ever device you use and the baby will listento music thanks to the speakers while MOM or dad take you walk or carry it home.
It can be used from birth up to 15 kg of weight. It has padded headboard and you canwash it perfectly by removing the speakers. Thought me of the newest, and its price isaround 60 euros, but before you buy I would pose if you will give the music use or ifyou prefer to prioritize other things.

Music and fireworks closed the Week of May

Rockets, bombs of DIN, Indian Fireworks, drums and trumpets in unison, hundreds of multi-coloured flags, were the backdrop of the closure by the celebrations of the may revolution that took one of their most special moments with the appearance of President Cristina Kirchner, who took the stage with the theme “Flags in your heart,” Patricio Rey and Ricotta Redonditos.

From the stage musical numbers began to deploy his art from the 16, as the band of Zamba de Pakapaka channel up to the Uruguayan murga hold on Catalina. He also spent a second is too, as well as Ana Prada belt there. Before the presidential address, La Romy DJ gave a set with the 90’s classic cumbias.
After the event, closed with “Where Eagles dare”, Attaque 77 and “Love like ours”, Los charros, was the time of the Cuban group Buena Vista Social Club.
Stalls selling burgers and choripanes scattered strategically along the main streets leading to the Plaza de Mayo, as well as a giant “locro”, cooked in front of the Cabildo, contributed the gastronomic touch of the celebrations.Balloons and giant inflatables shaped zeppelins advertised from the air to any candidate as the Interior Minister and presidential candidate, Florencio Randazzo, a Guild as the “Railway Union” or the pro-Government “CGT” that responds to the metallurgical Antonio Caló.
Even to the new ally K “radicalism Popular-MNA”, the former national Senator Leopoldo Moreau oriented and that contributed to Leandro Santoro as running mate of Mariano Recalde in the city. There were also areas of the intransigent party and pro-Government “CTA” agency INTA.
For closing, appeared the Chilean band law, Mexicans of Molotov and Bersuit Vergarabat.

Rock Camp, music camp for teens!

Rock Camp, ¡campamento musical para adolescentes!

Do you know Rock Camp? It is a teen summer camp programming by camp experts for adolescents aged 11 to 19If your children like music and dream of being rock stars, this camp will love!

At Rock Camp, the young musicians will improve as composers, will lose the shame to play in public and will gain greater confidence on the stage, in addition to enjoying a few days in the countryside! Want to know more?

As its name implies, most of the children’s Rock Camp activities are musical and are run by teachers with experience as musicians and a sound engineer. Every day, teens will spend a couple of hours to different musical workshops: instruments (vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums), dance, composition, history of rock, technical sound, aesthetics and musical language and Lip Dub.

Rock Camp, ¡campamento musical para adolescentes!

And of course, no shortage of opportunities for live performances. All participants will go on stage and play against their peers!

But that is not all… While music is the driving shaft of this camp, Camp Rock also carry out recreational activities including games, parties, gymkhanas, craft workshops and creative and adventure activities like hiking,archery and climbing, organized by free-time instructors.

Rock Camp, ¡campamento musical para adolescentes!

What you think about the idea? Your older children will be passed it pipe sleeping in tents, under the stars of the Sotolengo youth camp, located 40 km from Soria.

The best? Participants will enjoy a Rock Camp to measure, since for the majority of the activities participants will be divided into two major groups: Rock Camp (born from 1995 to 2000) and Rock Camp Junior (born from 2001 to 2002).

Rock Camp, ¡campamento musical para adolescentes!

If you are interested, we told you that there are still places available for Rock Camp 2013 in three of their four shifts: from June 25 to July 6, from 24 July to 4 August and 8 August 17.

These musical camps prices include accommodation on board copleta, specific classes Rock Camp, program of games, activities and sports, assistance and monitoring 24 hs., medical consultation close and vehicles for emergencies, educational and playful, personal material entitled, final diploma and t-shirt Rock Camp, DVD with photos and videos of the Rock Camp, dossier for parents and accident insurance and R.C. :

What do you think of this original option of summer camps?

Photo booth of music stars

Although I’d already spent a good time at the Oscar Awards ceremony, we bring things from the memory. What happened inside the photo booth in the event that year.

I have Dianna Agron, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins on one side.

And on the other to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez when they were a couple. Doing fun poses.

Source: photobooths melbourne


Protect our home with different types of alarm

When we speak of alarms kits always we have head home burglar alarms , but there are actually different types of alarm according to the utility that want you to give on the market.

Although the ultimate goal is always the same, let us know when there is any incident, technologies used are not the same and its installation nor.

Burglar alarm

Of course is the first in the list when we think about an alarm system. You should know that there are a variety of types of burglar alarm, wired wireless, connected to alarm, connected to your mobile, etc… take a look at burglaralarmbirmingham to know a little more about them.

kits de alarmas

Alarm setting

A friendly alarm is a device that allows that an owner can control the configuration of environments within a House. For example when in a room drops the temperature drastically or rises, let us know. We can also alert in case of dampness, flooding, etc. In a business, very interesting to control the temperature of cold stores, warehouses of perishable products…

Smoke detector .

Although smoke alarms are very common and cheap and you can add to a burglar alarm, there are still people that do not install it, or what is worse, do not worry about its maintenance changing the batteries, for example, can have very dangerous consequences.

Panic alarm.

A panic alarm can be a lifeline in a time of emergency. From a panic button that emits a strong sound when turned up to more sophisticated panic alarms that trigger a silent alarm immediately.

Alarm in swimming pools.

It’s that let us know where someone is dive in our swimming pool. The idea is to avoid accidental falls in danger of drowning by placing a simple perimeter barriers. Young children and the elderly are can be victims of a slip in the pool.

Access alarms.

It is to install a door detector in a door that we want to control. In addition to let us know of any entry, and can sound the alarm if we consider it necessary, we will have a report from access hours for better control.

Custom alarms.

Taking advantage of existing technology each person can take advantage of the classical burglar alarm for your needs. For example you can protect an object by placing a detector of vibration than when moving alarm signal, a door on a fixed object to contact when it separates from alarm, etc…

Why should we need dental care

When they make you a photo, everyone says: “Cheese!” “Smile!” And you do it – you open your mouth and show your teeth. When teach you the photo, you see a happy person returning you look. The more healthy have teeth, happier look like. Why?

It is because your teeth are important for many reasons. If you take care them, they take care to you. If you have strong, healthy teeth, you can chew food well to grow and develop properly. The teeth also allow you to speak clearly. And Yes, they also help you look better.

Why is it important to have healthy teeth?

Why are you interested in beware the teeth? If you take care to the teeth, you help prevent the formation of dental plaque , which is a very thin layer that clings to teeth. Maybe not having dental plaque worry you too much, but the problem is that it is very sticky and acts as a magnet for bacteria and sugar.

Like ants at a picnic, bacteria is crazy by the sugar that you have teeth and break down it into acids that destroy tooth enamel, causing the formation of holes in the teeth called tooth decay. The plaque also causes gingivitis, a disease in which the gums red, swollen and painful. The gums are pink and soft tissue have in the mouth and teeth that subject.

If you don’t take care you teeth, you won’t much to have tooth decay and gum pain. You’ll spend it wrong when eating, and certainly not it pulls you much smile.

Until the toothpaste was invented

We have a great luck to know so much about how take care us of the teeth. In the past, when people would be greater, teeth is were falling to pieces, which was very painful. To get rid of the pain of teeth, they are had to pull out. In the end, people learned that it was important to brushing your teeth, but the toothpaste had still to be invented. While you brush your teeth with your toothpaste cool Mint-flavored, think of things that previously used people for brushing your teeth:


It was not until about 100 years ago that someone invented a kind of cream with mint flavor for brushing your teeth: the toothpaste.The tube of toothpaste would not take much to invent, allowing people to easily put the Paste on the toothbrush. The conduct of the teeth brushing became popular during the second world war. The U.S. Army gave toothbrushes and toothpaste to soldiers, and these washing teeth twice a day. Back then, the tubes of toothpaste manufactured with metal; those of today are made of plastic soft and much more easy to handle!

Today there are many toothpastes to choose from, with lots of colors and flavors, and there are brands especially manufactured for children. People who have beautiful teeth announce toothpaste on television and in magazines. When choosing a toothpaste, make sure that contains fluoride. Fluoride strengthens teeth and protects them from decay.

To brush your teeth, do not need lot of money: with a little bit of pasta, from the size of a pea, is enough. It is not a good idea to swallowed the paste, so make sure rinse you thoroughly mouth after brushing you teeth and spit it out when you’re finished.

How can you have healthy teeth?

The children can take care your teeth following these steps:

It is also important that you go to the dentist twice a yearApart from evaluating if you have tooth decay or diseases affecting the gums, the dentist will help you keep the superlimpios teeth and maybe teach you to get the best out of the brush teeth and flossing. Affordable Dentist in Albuquerque is a reliable adress for those who live in New Mexico, watch the following video at for more information.

To maintain healthy teeth not only have to wash them well and also use dental floss – you’ll have to be careful with what you eat or drink.Remember that dental plaque is always waiting for the precious sugar. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink water instead of soda and don’t forget to smile!

How to drink green coffee – The magic formula for weight loss

At this point, after analyzing the benefits and contraindications of green coffee, is time to answer the following question: How to take green coffee.

Different display modes of the green coffee

Green coffee can be found in the form of capsules, so-called “green coffee extracts“, liquid or cream, of course in addition to the same fruit beads natural. They have even released a few chews gum with extracts of own food, that promise the same benefits. Each product has a different dosage, although need supplements containing at least one 45% chlorogenic acid, and the number of shots is usually between 2 or 3 times a day, to appreciate the effects of the same.

Obviously, it is necessary to consult the prospectus of each supplement, and if in any doubt, consult with the specialist take specific quantities of product for each organism.

cómo tomar café verde

Then, how can I take green coffee?

The choice of how to take green coffee depends mainly on one’s own. I recommend that the coffee is in grains, since we prefer more natural way of consuming it. If you still decide pills or liquids, will have to check the prospects of each product to see how to eat it. I believe that the loss of comfort that consume natural, is compensated amply with the comfort of knowing what we are taking exactly. In addition, once you get used to the taste of the green coffee natural, not appear you for anything unpleasant. We can even say that it will become a daily routine in the style “a cup of roasted coffee”.

When is recommended to take green coffee?

According to, as soon as when taking it, the most recommended by nutritionists and dietary specialists, is to make two shots throughout the day, preferably the first one in the morning at fasting, whereas the second decision would be made before or after the meal. The fact of consuming a cup of green coffee in fasting facilitates the absorption of their properties. He is recommended to avoid taking close to night, to prevent the effect of caffeine (despite its low amount) can hinder the reconciliation of the dream.

Ways of preparing green coffee

The more natural options for preparing green coffee are two, grinding grain or preparing aninfusion with whole grain. It is much faster in the first way, but we need a grinder of blades or a robot type Thermomix.

Here I show a video of the preparation of the green coffee for consumption by grinding grain.


But as we said before, we can also prepare us a wonderful Cup of coffee without milling it, so:

  1. We put 50 g. of coffee in a pot with 350 ml. of water.
  2. Boil until boiling.
  3. At this point, we got the fire and keep preparing about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove the pot from the heat and leave to cool.
  5. And finally, at the time of the taking, add sugar, sweetener or honey just to our liking for best flavor (I would recommend a sweetener that does not contribute calories, or even try to get us used to the bitter taste of coffee unsweetened, but it already depends on of each). We can also add pieces of fruit, mint, etc. to give the touch of flavor that you are looking for.

Plunger coffee: the easiest way

If despite the simplicity of the ways that I have mentioned above, you’re looking for even more easily, this is your ideal solution. In our video, you can see how to prepare the coffee in a coffee plunger.Only need (in addition to the coffee maker) boiling water and green coffee.

Steps to make coffee in a coffee plunger

  1.   To the coffeemaker brimos of piston in turn cafetera émbolo café verdeupper.
  2. Add green coffee properly. This will depend on the amount you want to infuse: a cup or two for example.
  3. Add the boiling water in the inside of the coffeemaker.
  4. Let stand for 5 minutes.
  5. We went down the plunger. In this way, will serve as a “filter”, and can serve in a glass only water with the infusion of green coffee. Inside the coffee maker the coffee grounds will remain.
  6. ¡¡Ready to take in a cup or glass!

Pay attention to these tips when taking it

leche de almendras para el cafe verde

A Council, there are who prefer to take the ground green coffee, as if it were a normal roast coffee in the coffee cup or how you do it normally, but instead of taking it with cow’s milk, with almond milktakes it. You can add any sweetener and… ready! We already have a cup of coffee the old-fashioned way, but with the benefits of green coffee.

Another very common way to take it, especially for those days of summer heat, is with ice and lemon. If you use the green coffee beans steamed, either pre-ground or boil the grains, you leave the peel of half a lemon in a glass and cast infused liquid coffee there. You will be a very rich taste to lemonade. Only would add ice (or even better if you have chopped or slush ice). He is added to the salutary effect of green coffee the refreshing feeling of ice. I have tried it with a few mint leaves, and gives it a very rich touch.

As you can see, forms take green coffee are many and varied, choose which you like the most or most comfortable for you and prove the benefits of this product. I hope your comments!

Psychic finds the body of a child gone in California with the help of her visions

Psíquica encuentra el cuerpo de un niño desaparecido con la ayuda de sus visiones

As we have said on numerous occasions, clairvoyance, just like the word california psychics review, sometimes is used as a general term to describe the sixth sense. The visions are presented in very different ways, as if you were viewing a picture or a movie in mind… something like a dream. From this, clairvoyants are able to gather information on people, spirits, environments, or scene are displayed. And although Pthe science and the skeptics want to discredit the existence of this capacity, in many parts of the world many people it claims to have visions, as Pam Ragland, who was watching a report on television about the search for a missing 11-year-old boy in a small town in California, when suddenly it started having strange sensations.

Ragland began to cry and then had a disturbing vision which came to head: she saw a boy lying on his side with his eyes closed. It was on the ground near a tree, next to a dirt road. A building was right and there was a city in the distance. And the visions of Ragland led on Tuesday to the discovery of the body of a child who authorities said that it matched the description of Terry Smith Jr., 11-year-old who had disappeared several days. But visions showed him much more, it was observed to a 16 year old who was lying and who had been the killer of small.

This description coincided with the brother of the deceased little of 16 years, and that prosecutors were arrested for the murder of Terry Smith Jr. Detectives acknowledged that they met for the first time the surprising statement of a psychic, which perfectly matched the details of the murder. Ragland, for 50 years, said that he has always relied on his intuition to see “things” that others cannot.

“Was only its recurrent image that was in my head. I was doing a snapshot, but could not understand why they didn’t move. He had his eyes closed, but I thought that the child was sleeping”, told the media.

Sergeant Lisa McConnell, spokesman for the Riverside County Police Department, confirmed that Ragland called them and it led directly to the body, but she didn’t want to make more statements on the matter. But a detective involved in the search, however, said he was impressed with the discovery.

“In fact, it was right by the way of the House, property, and even the body of this child. In 23 years of service I have never seen anything like this”, John Powers of the Riverside County told the media.


Pam Ragland visions helped found the corpse

At the beginning, Ragland did not want to get involved in the case, but said that it could not ignore images he saw over and over again. She said that he saw a dirt road, a characteristic building that looked like a barn and a single tree on side. He saw a dark night with the lights of the city in the distance.Having “visions” become increasingly more intense and it would seem small, he decided to call the allegations of the police on Tuesday. You error she and their children, 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, were in their car to California.Brother-in-law arrived at the small town 80 km from Los Angeles, came into the car park of gravel from the rustic market that served as headquarters for impromptu searches and the first thing he said is that he had a strong feeling.

“I literally turned my physical body in every way as a compass and looked at a store… and said: is there!”, recalled Ragland

A firefighter who was off-duty took her behind the store and within a few minutes Ragland was able to observe the barn he had seen in his vision. Something prompted it to move forward, but was a private property. The search party approached the members of a family that owns the barn area and asked them if they could access his property, since they had no warrant. The family said that there was no problem:

“We started to climb the Hill and it was very steep, so we stopped the car and we went walking. I could suddenly see a single tree and then seemed to smell something that I could not identify”, Ragland said.

Had a fence around the tree wood with a small break in the same, and the search party joined in the darkness of the night, only the headlights of trucks and flashlights. The children of Ragland came to the tree:

“”My children said…”MOM, there is a dead animal”, and when we approached told me, “Oh, my God, this is not an animal”. He was Terry Smith Jr. and was partially visible and we looked almost in shock. My son began vomiting and my daughter was screaming and crying.”

The team immediately called authorities.Ragland, said that initially there was a silence about his role in the discovery. No one could explain how the team pursuit on horseback and in helicopters during four days had overlooked the clearly visible remains, and that Ragland had described perfectly.Authorities said that the area had been previously registered, but no one saw anything. Now, Ragland is trying to return to his normal life, which includes the management of a company that helps people working through problems in your life with a combination of “intuition, personal training and tips”. Ragland, says that this is not the first time to help the authorities with their visions, on another occasion, two teenagers disappeared in an area of the wilderness of Orange County earlier this year. Thanks to her, were found alive.

Ragland is not a psychic, but it relies on a “sixth sense” or “intuition” that most people don’t realize that they have it.

“I’ve heard all the comments and people will think I’m crazy. But the truth is that at this time, all I can do is to help the family in futile pursuits.”

Find the Best Cellphone Spy software

Como encontrar los mejores Programas espias para celulares

At the time of search for and select a program to spy on cell phones offer can be wide and varied, so it will not be easy to choose the software that best suits what you are looking for, i.e. that complies with all the functions you need, but also easy to use, discreet and very importantly: which works well and produces results!

Keep reading, because more below we recommend the best program spy software review and any alternative more economic but with fewer features. At the end you choose which adapts most to your needs.

Now it doesn’t take a Hacker to spy on a cell phone remote

Over time the task of a hacker has been transformed into something quite simple you can do and in a few minutes. To install and activate the software spy phones that you have chosen and thus quickly begin to spy on must take you phone to intervene and directly download the software spyware for cell phone, then you set up the program and ready! Of that simple.

How a cell phone spy program

When you start with the search you will find that there are different programs to spy on phones and although they have differences, we will reveal later, almost all of them present in general the following characteristics:

Once installed the program to spy on phone and as soon as a call is initiated, involved cell phone sends call data to the server of mSpy. So, and immediately, from your control panel you can track every detail of the call, the number called, the durcacion and date and time.

The spyware for mobile phones also offer the option to send a message to the tracker with the content of the texts exchanged including also information such as the date, time and sender’s name.

In addition to this, and through a Web page, you can access a history with all communications made by the person spied. This includes the ability to spy on Facebook chat, Skype and Whatsapp.

Locate a cell phone by GPS

In addition many software to spy cell to allow the location of the device under surveillance, if the cell phone has GPS function.

On the other hand, the application spyware for cell is able to locate geographically also the devices that do not have GPS, placing them through triangulations between antennas of the telephone company that provides the service, which then crosses paths with a map of the place.In this way it is possible to locate the team whatever the place where he is.

Finally, if for any reason you wish to disable the program to spy on cell phones, you can do so at any time and from any place by sending a text message to the monitored cell.

What is the best program spyware for cell phones?

Seeing the amount of applications and advantages offered, it is time to choose and download a program to spy on cell phone that suits your needs.

Then, how to choose the best?

Please read carefully the information that you provided in this article, they are data that emerge from the experience and can actually be determinants to achieve your goals.

Child dental care: 11 common mistakes parents make

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children in the United States and Hispanic children are the most affected. For example, a little more than half (55%) of Latino children of Mexican origin aged between 2 and 11 years old, presented caries in teeth of milk or primary, a percentage that surpassed the figures of African American children (45%) and Anglo (39%).

Those results were sent out the survey and national survey of health and nutrition of the centres for the prevention and Control of diseases of United States (CDC for its acronym in English), which took place from 1999 to 2004.

There are several factors contributing to this problem. Almost half (45%) of the adult Hispanic population does not have dental insurance, according to the results of a survey conducted by Albuquerque dentist. These were published in 2011 in a report titled “latinos will confess and speak about the care of their teeth” (Hispanics Open Up About Oral Health Care).

This research found that latinos who lack dental insurance among, predominantly Hispanics whose primary language is the Spanish. Hispanics who do not have dental insurance, are also less likely (56% less) of having dental coverage for their children.

Other aspects to consider are the beliefs about oral health remain among some Latino families. These beliefs interfere with prevention measures that lead to good oral health, suggest the experts interviewed for this article.

“Dental caries is a disease preventable and treatable.” That is why is crucial to start caring for the teeth of children since they are babies and promote good habits of oral health in the home”, suggests the pediatric dentist Reinaldo Negrón, of Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry in Alameda County, California.

“Many parents are unaware that the health of the teeth and mouth can impact the health and well-being of children”, adds Negron. For example, if the child suffers from a chronic pain due to decay and is not, this may affect speech and eating habits. It is also possible that affects their school performance, since it must be missing their classes for several days.

A group of experts in children’s dentistry, based in United States, point out common errors which have been identified between their Latino patients. The experts also offer alternatives and tips so that your children may enjoy optimal oral health.

1. do not take care of baby teeth

“The biggest myth that I see is that there is no need to clean or take care of baby teeth because anyway you are dropping your child”, says Francisco Ramos, Professor of children’s dentistry of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA for its acronym in English).

Prevention is essential for maintaining healthy temporary or milk teeth. It is recommended that dental care starts early, as soon leaves the first tooth baby (for most babies around 4 to 6 months).

It is vital that baby teeth that decay are restored, while over time, these are lost. “Some babies when the rabbit’s milk, which are the latest spring them out, they are already infected because dental care had been hitherto little or no”, says Negron.

In addition, the same infections suffered by baby teeth are transmitted to the mixed and permanent dentition. “Many parents believe that baby teeth do not need attention because they will fall very fast. However, many children, especially the boys, the last molars fall them to 12, 13 and up to 14 years”, adds Negron.

Baby teeth are also important because they lead to the permanent teeth to the right place.

2. untreated caries of children and parents

For the pediatric dentist Tyrone Rodríguez, founder of the dental SmileSonrisaS Dental, in Moses Lake, Washington State, the biggest myth that has faced is that “many parents thinking that cavities can eliminate with brushing”.

No toothpaste or medication can cure tooth decay, a bacterial infection that continues until it is. The decay appears in the teeth like white spots, deposits of plaque or tartar and can lead to small fractures or cavities. The dentist must remove damaged and diseased tissue and then fill with any pasta or special amalgam tooth.

The myth that exposes Rodriguez was evident in the results of the survey “latinos is confess and speak about the care of their teeth”, which made the HDA (and which was sponsored by the Oral – B and Crest ® brands of Procter & Gamble ®). Asked Hispanics if they thought that decay would disappear with time by brushing. 70% answered correctly, compared with 94% of the general population.

The belief that brushing ends with caries can also be seen reflected in the high rate of cases of caries that untreated among Latino children. According to the results of the survey and national survey of health and nutrition of the CDC, from 1999 to 2004, 33% of Latino children of Mexican origin (from 2 to 11 years) presented caries in baby teeth, which had not been treated. The percentage was lower for the white children (19%) and Americans (28%).

A more recent study, analyzed the prevalence of tooth decay in baby teeth and permanent.According to the survey and national survey of health and nutrition of the CDC, from 2005 to 2008, 22% of children of Mexican origin (from 5 to 19 years) suffering from untreated, dental caries. The same percentage was almost equal among African American children (23%) but significantly lower among the Anglo-Saxons, 13%.

(Editor’s Note: must take into account that most of the studies of health among Hispanics in the United States are made only among children of Mexican origin, since the population of Mexican origin represents approximately 65% of the Latino population.) For this reason, often not found reliable data on Latino children from other backgrounds).

“Many people are unaware that the decay is an infectious and transmissible disease. It is not only important to treat mouth infections of children, but also those of parents, siblings and the people who care for them”, indicates Rodriguez.

The main culprit of tooth decay, is a bacteria called Streptococcus mutans, and many studies show that the early colonization of the mouth of the child by this bacterium is through the saliva of adults, especially mothers, to sharing utensils or kissing him on the mouth, for example.

Other precautions suggested by experts to not infect your son of bacteria that can be harmful to your oral health are included in the following list:


3 delay the first dental visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD for its acronym in English) recommends that children attend for the first time the dentist to completing their first year.

Regular visits to the dentist help to detect and control potential and through these problems, the dentist will teach you how to care for and clean correctly teeth of your little. “Many parents carry children to the dentist too late, when there is pain or problems”, said Yolanda Bonta, Executive Director of the HDA. Prevention, insists Bonta, is crucial.

4. use toothpaste without fluoride

One of the most common problems that Ramos of UCLA has identified among its Latino patients is the use of toothpaste without fluoride, a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel making it more resistant to decay.

The American Academy of dentists (ADA for its acronym in English), recommends to wait that the child has at least 2 years of age, before starting to wash her teeth with a fluoride toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste on the brush of your son must be small (only a ball the size of a pea or pea is sufficient).

However, several dentists interviewed for this article, agreed that in some cases, the fluoride toothpaste should begin to be used before age 2. The Bureau of maternal and child health in the United States (MCHB for its acronym in English), topical application of fluoride in children younger than 6 years and at high risk of developing mouth infections, category in which Latino children are recommended, before the 2 years (the amount of toothpaste on the brush at this age should be only a speck (, even less than a ball the size of a pea).

“Often siblings of babies or children or a close family member have oral infections and it is when we mostly recommend to be cleaned 2-year-old child teeth with a toothpaste with fluoride,” says Negron.

Many parents doubt is whether it is necessary to rinse the child’s mouth after brushing.Negron recommendation is that, before age 2, passes to the child a wet washcloth from the mouth after brushing her teeth. And after 2 years, recommends that you teach your child to spit out after brushing, but that no rinses his mouth because that way the fluoride that stays on the teeth, which serves to harden tooth enamel is removed.

Some parents fear that their children develop dental fluorosis, a condition that appears as the result of excessive fluoride intake during the development of teeth. “Fluorine does not represent a risk unless it is consumed in large quantities. Also caries risks are far greater than the that represents the dental fluorosis “, Negron said.

5 give them bottled or fluoride-free water

“Latino immigrants living in the United States have you dread to the faucet or tap water because in our countries, their quality is not very good. That’s giving children bottled water without fluoride which not strengthens your teeth”, says Ramos, Professor at UCLA.

An example of this is the large increase in the consumption of bottled water in recent years in Mexico. The Inter-American Development Bank found in a study published in 2011, that Mexicans use 127 gallons (3.8 liters per gallon) of water bottled per person per year, more than four times the consumption of bottled water in the United States. Mistrust of tap in that country is so great that some parents choose to bathe their babies with bottled water.

However, the reality in the United States is very different, since the water supply in many regions is of very good quality and contains fluoride.

Various studies have shown that fluoridation of drinking water prevents tooth decay by 25% in children and adults. Eugenio Beltran, pediatric dentist and epidemiologist at the CDC, says that between 60% and 70% of the communities that have systems of drinking water in the United States, have fluoridated water.

If you live in a community without water supply with fluoride, there are other alternatives so your child can get the fluoride needed to strengthen your teeth as drops and tablets with fluorine, the pediatric dentist Tyrone Rodríguez.

And if in your area are equipped with drinking fluoridated water but you do not trust their quality, you can boil the water. This method makes it possible to keep the fluoride in the water. It has several filters, including an expensive system called Reverse osmosis, with fluorine. For safety reasons, ask the company that manufactured your filter or think to buy, if fluoride is extracted from the filtered water.

6. allow your child to brush your teeth by itself

It is impossible for small children to brush teeth properly on their own. Most of them put the brush in the mouth with the sole intention of sucking or eating the toothpaste, which probably has a rich taste of Strawberry or chewing gum. So the help of parents is essential, especially when they are very tiny.

Also if children brushed is the mouth without the supervision of an adult, it is possible to do so quickly and not for 2 minutes, as suggested by dentists. Also, it is recommended that children brush teeth at least 2 times a day.

It is not but up to around the age of 8, when children can brush their teeth on their own, experts say.

But even after that age, parents should check the children to brush teeth properly and also remind them to do so. “Parents are ‘owners’ of the teeth of the children until 18 years ago,” says Bonta of the HDA. “I recommend to parents that brush teeth with their children and that they sing or dance while they do it. You can become a fun activity”.

7. do not clean the language of children

It is common that parents forget to clean the language of children when they brush you teeth.“The language has germs and if we don’t clean those white dots on the language of children, all that bacteria stays there and is passed to the teeth,” says pediatric dentist Ramos.

8. not flossing

Proper and regular brushing helps remove most of the dental plaque. However, brushing does not reach all the rinconcitos where there are plate, as in the spaces between the teeth.The teeth of infants and young children tend to not be glued together, so you don’t have to FLOSS between those teeth because the brush comes in those spaces.

These spaces will be shutting down as your child grows. So it is important that you set yourself which teeth are stuck so you use dental floss between them. The recommendation is, you spend flossing the teeth of your small when all major teeth have left him as well, when the teeth are touching each other.

“Through x-rays, detected many decay in children between middle of your teeth and that is mainly due to the lack of use of dental floss.” Dads are surprised because they believed that their children had no caries since there was no pain no discernible markings”, Negron says.

Your child will need you to help him with the FLOSS until you have around 10 years.

9 feed the child just before going to sleep

“Many parents who bring me their children to consultation because they decay swear me that washed them teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night. But when I start them to ask questions, I find that it is common that after wash their teeth at night, feed the children already with formula milk or maternal. Brushing then is not much”, says Ramos.

What is more serious even that feed the child just before sleep and not wash her teeth then, is to let it sleep with bottle in mouth. This is known as the “baby bottle syndrome”, which is considered as one of the main causes which generate tooth decay among young children.

Juice, milk formula or breast that remains stagnant and in contact with your teeth during NAPs or at night can damage them and weaken them, which increases the likelihood of the occurrence of caries. Ramos suggests that the last thing they should touch the mouth of your children in the evening is the fluoride toothpaste and that the only food that the child eat after brushing is water.

10 give them too much food with high acidity and sweet

There is a direct relationship between the consumption of sugar and tooth decay. It is extremely important to limit consumption of sugar, which includes juices, candies and sweet foods or treats of all types, especially those with a sticky consistency which can adhere more easily to the teeth.

Dr. Rodríguez, of the SmileSonrisaS Dentalclinic, 5 foods that are included below are most harmful for the teeth of children (called “5 C” because the English language all begin with that letter):

“In the Latino community the spicy sweets (covered with spicy powder) are widely used and these besides sugar contain much acid which is like a destructive bomb for the teeth of children,” says Dr. Rodriguez.

Keep in mind that all foods that stick to the teeth increase the risk of tooth decay. That is why specialists recommend avoiding them and opt for foods that disappear from the mouth quickly.

Another thing that you should avoid is sweetened with honey or sugar baby bottle teats (nipples) or pacifiers (soothers) because it can cause serious problems with teeth and gums.Also it is not recommended to give honey to children under 1 year.

But sweet foods are not the only enemies of the teeth. High-acid foods are also very harmful.And it is that acids generated in the mouth an atmosphere conducive to the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

If your child really like acidic foods (Citrus like lime, lemon or orange fruits) don’t let you eat them throughout the day, they try to give them during regular meal hours. That way you can reduce the amount of time that acid is in contact with the teeth. And of course, brushing is essential when you eat them.

Natural juices, especially if they are acids such as lemon, orange or grape, may also be harmful for the teeth because they damage the enamel.

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11 offer them snacks or “snacks” in excess

Eating your child many times a day, maintains an excessive production of acids that attack your teeth. Therefore, that which is essential to limit not only the quantity but also the frequency of snacking (“snacks”) you give to your child during the day.

Note also that if you give a snack to your little just before the next meal, likely will remove hunger and refuses to eat.

Experts warn that between meals you should avoid to give your child foods that contain a lot of sugar, starch or salt. Provide nutritious snacks and not be harmful for the teeth as the following: